May 2, 2013

Nossa Casazinha

During our time at the farm, we stayed in a lovely and small farmhouse with a well-equipped kitchen, allowing us to carry out numerous experiments with the local produce (see next post: Meals on the Farm!).

The house featured a woodburning stove, the fogão á lenha, which enjoys a certain fame in Minas… and now with us, too! Some setups even feature water pipes inside the stove to heat up water for a shower, which we enjoyed in the cool evenings.

Living in a small house in a valley and essentially in the middle of a garden also provides for some unexpected visitors. After a short time we routinely dealt with various critters and surprises. Our first night we encountered a mother mouse giving birth to five babies inside our mattress (which we discovered when pulling back the covers!), along with a small frog accompanying us in the shower, and spiders which seemed to grow bigger and bigger.


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