May 20, 2013

o Nordeste: Salvador

We finally made the jump from Belo Horizonte to the North of Brazil, to the colorful and vibrant city of Salvador. Brazil’s first capital, the city has a glorious colonial past and served for many years as Brazil’s largest port, exporting everything from diamonds to sugar cane while importing nothing other than the hundreds of thousands of slaves used to drive the entire raw good trade. The cultural difference between here and the South of Brazil is huge! Here’s a map to show you the jump:

View Belo to Salvador in a larger map

The inner city has fallen into grandiose decay, while the rest of city suffers from intense urban sprawl. The UNESCO site of the Pelourinho district in the center (literally meaning “little whipping post” in reference to slave punishment), with obvious thanks to the UNESCO status and money, is well-maintained, with  colorfully-painted colonial facades and the main tourist district. Live music is rampant in the Pelourinho and we stumbled across several lively drum corps practicing on the cobblestone streets as well as free concerts. Finally, the live music we have been craving!


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