June 20, 2013


From Salvador we flew into Fortaleza and caught a bus to the chilled-out beach town of Jericoacoara, known throughout Brazil simply as Jeri. The windy town lies on the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by dunes. The sandy roads make a four wheel drive vehicle necessary, of which there are plenty in the area!

We had a lovely private apartment at the German-run Casa Coco Verde, where we spent the week hanging out, cooking and being merry with other backpackers. We very much enjoyed a week long mini-vacation within our big vacation!

Jeri is well-known the world over for watersports, mainly kitesurfing, but also has plenty of other fun outdoor activities. We hiked across dunes for hours to reach a beautiful blue lagoon, took a ride in a dune buggy along the beach, watched the Sunset from the ‘Por de Sol’ (Sunset) Dune, and rode horses along the rocky coastline. All the while returning for a delicious bowl of Açaí with granola and banana! A truly lovely place!

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